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Tyromotion TYMO

TYMO® Stability and Coordination


TYMO® is a sensor-based rehabilitation device for static and dynamic assessment- and therapy applications. The appealingly slim, wireless design offers a plethora of therapy options: be it the improvement of balance and postural control, or active use of force and support activities of the upper extremities, with TYMO® the therapist’s creativity knows no limits. Even the pre-set starting positions (support, sitting, standing) can be freely expanded.

TYMO® is suitable for the therapy of neurological and orthopaedic patients of all ages. With TYMO® a variety of therapies can be executed standing, sitting and supporting. The respective assessment allow a complete progress control and documentation of force- and weight distribution. TYMO® is not just a static sensor plate; with specifically fitted rolling elements, the TYMO® becomes movable, which makes it possible to assess and treat balance problems. Thus, the individual needs and deficits of each patient can be addressed.

TYMO® Therapy

Therapy for trunk, upper and lower extremities

Balance training and postural control

Therapeutic games

Static and dynamic application

Task- and ADL-oriented training

Wireless connection

Why TYMO® ?

Can be applied in any therapy situation: e.g. standing, sitting, lunge, prone on elbows,…creativity is the limit!

Short setup time

Thin & portable

Standardized assessment including Posturography

Feeling of standing on firm ground

Suitable for children and adults

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