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MOTOmed Gracile12 Leg Trainer

MOTOmed® gracile12 Leg Trainer

Product Code: B1-3001

The MOTOmed gracile2 provides a means whereby children with little or no movement in their legs can regularly exercise in active or passive mode. This type of exercise is known as ‘movement therapy’ and the concepts of this are incorporated into the design of the MOTOmed gracile12 range.

The MOTOmed gracile12 models functionally operate the same way as the MOTOmed viva2 and MOTOmed viva2 light models, in that they provide passive, assisted, and active training. The difference with the MOTOmed gracile12 range is that they are specifically designed to suited the smaller stature of a child and the can be adjusted to suit the needs of the child as they grow.

The distance between the foot shells is narrower to accommodate the narrower hips of a child; the foot shell radius is also shorter to suit shorter legs; the foot shells are height adjustable to suit leg length and the type of chair the child is seated in. All these unique features make the MOTOmed gracile12 model the only paediatric active/passive exerciser available.

The MOTOmed gracile12 leg trainer allows for movement in 3 different modes of exercise:

  • Passive training: where the user’s legs or arms are moved by the electric motor
  • Assistive training: where the user may have limited muscle strength and the motor provides assistance to maintain rotational momentum
  • Active training: where the user is able to pedal without motor assistance against varying levels of resistance

Functions of the MOTOmed


Foot insertion aid

Position the foot shells to make it easier to get feet in and out allowing for more independent use.

Symmetry Training

SymmetryTraining is key when targeting a weaker side of the body during training. It gives visual feedback to the user on how much work each side of the body is doing, allowing the user to focus on working their weaker side more.

Movement Protector

Should muscle cramp or spasm during exercise the MovementProtector feature stops the pedal for a moment and then begin turning in the opposite direction to help relax the muscle.

Training Analysis

Each training session records data such as distance, time, symmetry, speed, and much more. Comparison allows for targeted exercise.

Key features of the MOTOmed® gracile12 Leg Trainer

Paediatric safety foot shells with leg guides

Pedal radius adjustable, two positions (3.5 cm or 7.0 cm)

Height adjuster adjustable foot shells and telescopic handle bar

Easily moved on its own wheels

Light, all metal,  but solid, stable construction

MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem with gentle startup and rundown

MovementProtector & SpasmControl

Variable speed from 0 to 60 rpm (passive)

Adjustable therapy time from 0 to 120 minutes

Telescopic front stand provides greater stability

Large colour screen with wipeable surface

Audible and visual prompts

Track distance, time, calories burnt, and much more

Symmetry training showing work rates for left or right side of body

Some of the more common accessories available for this product are:

Item: 506.000

Self operated foot-holders

For quick and independent insertion and removal of feet

Secure hold, even with strong spasticity

Item: 100.000

Wheelchair Stabiliser

Recommended for strong spasticity

Supports the wheelchair preventing tilting or sliding backwards

Fits under the push handles of the wheelchair

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