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Tyromotion DIEGO




DIEGO® is the most advanced and versatile robotic-assisted device for arm-shoulder rehabilitation worldwide. Intelligent gravity compensation, robotics and virtual reality facilitate the often difficult training to regain lost arm motor function both uni- and bi-laterally. It can be used for adults and children throughout all phases of rehabilitation.


DIEGO® relieves the therapist and the patient of the difficult motion guidance of the arms. Because of its overhead construction, DIEGO® is easily accessible from all sides and thus offers space for a qualitative therapy of arm and shoulder motor function. With DIEGO®, you have room for motion, which is why the arm-shoulder rehabilitation device is particularly suited for task-oriented training with real objects. However, DIEGO® doesn’t only offers more room for therapy but also more freedom. The intelligent gravity compensation (IGC) makes heavy arms lighter and allows physiological movement of the arms in all phases of rehabilitation.
Be they passive, assistive, or active applications, the DIEGO® can be adapted to the individual needs of each patient. Easily and quickly.
Therapy with the DIEGO® is rich in variety: interactive therapy modules provide audio-visual and haptic feedback; the patient experiences and feels motion in a virtual reality. This is motivating and enables more repetitions, which are so essential for automated movement. In order to keep up the level of motivation, the control settings can be adjusted to the patient. In addition, every therapy module is equipped with a number of different levels of difficulty. Thus, arm-therapy at the patient’s maximum limit of performance is possible throughout all phases of rehabilitation. In order to make therapy achievements visible, the therapy progress is recorded in a clear and easily understandable way and can be recalled any time.
DIEGO®, the intelligent arm-rehabilitation device for patients of all ages. In all phases of arm-rehabilitation.

DIEGO® Facts

DIEGO® Functionality

Robotic and sensor based rehabilitation device

Unilateral and bilateral therapy in one device – no configuration necessary

Assistive and interactive therapies for the whole arm

Applicable for adults and children in all rehabilitation phases

Short setup time of patient to device

End effector system (hands-on possible)

Assist-as-needed with intelligent gravity compensation (IGC)

Enables task oriented training

Accessible for both mobile and wheelchair patients

Sensors capture the arms’ positions as well as the joint angle

Training of lost arm-shoulder functionalities in neurological, paediatric, orthopaedic and geriatric

Distal support allows for a proximal initiation of movement

Active weight relief of the arms, IGC (Intelligent Gravity Compensation) promotes an optimal mobilization of the arms

Virtual Reality supports cognitive rehabilitation and stimulates neuroplasticity changes in the brain

ROM assessments as well as functional therapies for the upper extremity

Quick and easy patient setup with arm slings that attach to the arm both unilaterally and bilaterally

Two overhead arm units, individually adjustable arm slings, motor controlled ropes

DIEGO® in Practise

Interactive therapeutic games

Assessments show improvements and rehabilitation progression

Reporting and documentation saves diagnoses and therapy results

Enables ideal transfer of what the patient has learned into everyday life

Quick change between adults and children

High net therapy time

Interactive therapies and task oriented training with objects

Symmetrical and asymmetrical movements as well as cyclical and cooperative sequences of movement

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