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Tyromotion OMEGO Plus

OMEGO® Plus Gait Rehabilitation


The OMEGO® Plus system impresses as a pioneering robotic lower extremity therapy device that
revolutionizes the variability of movement therapy in cases of limited lower limb function.

OMEGO® Plus, a robotic-assisted device for the lower extremities, supports patient´s from early rehabilitation all the way through to the possibility of verticalization.

Two separate drives allow the mobilization of the patient in an effortless, isolated and focused manner, turning it into the missing link to gait therapy. Together with the TyroS software it supports the patient during training to improve motor, sensory and cognitive deficits.

Cost effective, motivational, and fun, OMEGO® Plus provides nearly limitless variability for lower limb function movement therapy.

The multifunctional chair enables specific training of functional therapy goals.


Muscle strength

ROM & mobilization

Foot lifter



Rhythm and cadence


Why OMEGO® Plus?

One device for gait therapy goals across all rehabilitation phases

Multifunctional chair for goal-specific functional therapy

Early rehabilitation


Easy and fast setup time maximizes effective therapy time

Motivational training through gamification

Reporting and assessments

High adaptability to patient and therapeutic needs

Isometric, eccentric, and concentric training

For the needs of neurological, orthopedic, geriatric, and pediatric patients

  • Simple handling
  • Adaptable to the patient
  • Therapies and assessments
  • Objectification by measurements
  • High efficiency – Saves time and energy
  • Fun and motivating
  • Visible improvements
  • Suitable device for every body region
  • Therapist focuses on patient

The OMEGO® Plus offers the opportunity to perform activities while lying down, sitting or standing:

  • Stepper
  • Leg press
  • Sensor training
  • Cycling
  • Assessments
  • Gamification
  • Ankle joint training
  • Rhythm training

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