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MOTOmed Therapy

Active Passive Exercisers

Exopulse Mollii Suit

Electrical Stimulation Suit

Foot drop treatment

Electrical stimulation

Fesia Grasp

Hand & Finger treatment

What is Rehab Technology

High intensity or many repetitions, but, more importantly, repetitions of the correct movement. This can be very time consuming and labour intensive for a clinician hence the introduction of specialist rehab technology.

This technology does not replace the need for a skilled clinician, it augments the treatment by enabling many specific repetitionious movements, thus increasing dosage greatly.

How we can help you

Clinical Specialists

We have clinical specialists on staff that know and use the products that we sell in their daily practice.

Latest Rehab Technology

Lyncare are constantly pushing the boundaries of rehab treatment in Ireland, introducing clinically proven technology at the leading edge of rehab treatment.

Asset Management

Lyncare support all the products we offer for the duration of their lifecycle, through manged service contracts and maintenance contracts.

Exclusive Partnerships

All our partners and suppliers work exclusively with Lyncare in Ireland providing us with the technical and marketing support to service all our customer needs.

One Stop Supplier

Our extensive range from consumables, plinths, & gym equipment, right up to FES systems & robotic gait trainers, means we can cater for individual pieces to full fitouts.

Education & Training

We can provide detailed technical and clinical training on all products to ensure biomedical engineering and clinicians alike fully harness the functionality of their equipment investments.

Exclusive partnerships